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Free – Swimming


Sandy Beach

Probably the nicest sandy beach in Malta is Golden Bay, it does get rather busy so if you want to go there, I would suggest going early or late so that you get there before others or you arrive for a lovely dinner as everyone is packing up and going.

Rocky Beach

More common than sandy beaches, you will find rocky beaches all around the island and there are plenty in Sliema. The water is crystal clear and a really beautiful colour. As you walk out of the apartment and turn left along the promenade you will see that within minutes it leads you to a rocky beach with a large, safe designated swimming area with the most dramatic and beautiful backdrop…the famous historic buildings of Valletta. You have ladders to get in to the water and there is a safe diving area.

Come Again



If you take a boat trip to Comino you will stop for a swim in aqua blue water. Now you won’t be alone as there will probably be other boats there too, but it can be a fun and memorable day.


There are a lot of swimming pools close by, some are free and some charge an entrance fee. You will notice the rather lovely pool just outside your apartment when you are on the balcony. It does look inviting and even though you are not staying at the hotel you still are welcome to have a drink at the bar which is very nice both during the day and in the evening.

One of my guests just went and relaxed on their sun loungers and swam there after buying a drink. He took his own towel rather than paying a euro for the red ones they use. There is a children’s pool and an adult’s one. Although the pool is lovely to look at you will not hear the happy laughter and playing from the children at the pool as your balcony is high up.

Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Other swimming pools close by

A short walk will take you to a park and 3 swimming pools, they do charge you for the use of their sunbeds. If you would like to know how to get there…please click here…