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Once you have arrived and have had a little relax, may I suggest a nice welcome walk?

As you leave the building and cross the road, go left, walking along the promenade until you reach the steps leading up to the bridge up high.

Go around the steps on ground level and walk along the sea front on the wooden decked walkway. This leads to a lovely path with gorgeous views.

The path will go up a slight incline and then you can turn left on the path which leads you to the Tigne Point Piazza.

From the Piazza as you walk around if you go to the French Café and look towards the sea, you will then see the bridge and the steps which will lead you back to where you started your little walk. There is also a lift at the end of the bridge if you don’t want to use the stairs.

You will see plenty of lovely cafés that you might like to stop and enjoy the view for a while with a cool drink.

If you would like to print and take this with you please download the above by clicking here.