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HOW TO FIND ‘Pure Bliss’ – The Lodge at The Spa

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You will find Pure Bliss at 51 Woodland View, Finlake Spa and Holiday Resort, Chudleigh TQ13 0EJ
Finlake Holiday Resort (TQ13 0EJ) is located just minutes from the A38 in Devon.
From Exeter, turn off the A38 at the Chudleigh Knighton exit.
From Plymouth, leave the A38 at the Chudleigh, Teign exit.
You can click on this google map to put in the location you are coming from to get the route you need to take.

1. From Exeter, turn off the A38 at the Chudleigh Knighton exit.
From Plymouth, leave the A38 at the Chudleigh, Teign exit.
You will then see a bridge – go over it and very shortly afterwards you will see a signpost that says Finlake LEFT – so you really follow the road round which heads left.

2. After a very short distance you will be turning right and these are the signs you are looking for…

This is the site map for the resort and you can simply follow the red arrows to get to your destination. You can also continue to follow the photos below the site map

3. Now just keep following the long road which is the entrance to the resort. This is what you will see

4. …..and….

5. …..and….

6. …..and….

7. …..and….

8. When you see the building on your right which is the reception DO NOT STOP – THERE IS NO NEED TO GO IN –
So just keep on driving past….


10. Keep driving forward until you get to the big car park

11. Drive forward slowly towards the car park…

12. You will pass a zebra crossing
The car park is on your right and the spa and pool is on your left

13. Just after the car park you turn right up the hill. You will see a big sign on your left that says ‘Invest in Happiness’. Keep driving on up the hill.

14. This is what you will see…

15. Keep driving forward

16.As you slowly approach the top of the hill, you will see a red fire hydrant on your left and two, low, stone walls in front of you. Your gorgeous lodge is on your left there. Number 51 Woodland View.


18. Your parking spot is right by the side of the lodge.
If you need an extra parking spot, there is a space to park at the end of the cul-de-sac there, or you can use the extra visitor’s car parking space in the semi-circular parking area, that you can see from the parking spot next to the lodge.

19. To find the key safe, please go up the steps and turn right towards the hot tub.


21. Look back at the posts and you will see two key safes. The one you want is the one on top.


24. You will see two key safes use the top one
Put in the key safe code that you have been given
Then hold the top of the key safe and gently pull the top forward and take out the key

26.It is the right-hand door that you need to use


Please let me know you’ve got in safely and are happy


Just to let you know about your hot tub. So, about 30 minutes before you are ready to get in and enjoy it, if you gently life the front of the lid a little way , you will see the dials, you can then increase the temperature to 39 degrees and pop the jets on ready, then close the lid so that the water heats up and will be ready for when you want it.

It’s important to keep the lid down when you are not using it to keep the heat in and also as the wind can sometimes blow the lid open little bits of the tree, leaves, twigs and the soil on the leaves can drop in to the water, with the wind. Also, if it is ok to turn the temperature down again when you have finished that would be great as it does not take long to heat up when you want to enjoy it again.