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How to find The Inspiration


The Inspiration, Pontoon C65, Brixham Marina

English Riviera Berry Head Rd, Brixham TQ5 9BW,

01803 882929

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Brixham used to be an old fishing village, it is steeped in history. The marina and harbour, where you are staying is chintzy and quite gorgeous. The area around it that you need to drive through to get to the marina is up-and-coming and full of interesting shops and cafes.
As you come into Brixham, please call Liam on 07932 419911 and tell him where you are, he will then be able to estimate the amount of time he needs to get to the marina office to come and greet you. He will be on hand to help you during your stay to help you with anything to make sure that you have a brilliant time. So please do save his telephone number so that you have it on hand if you need him for anything.

As you approach the marina you will see a fork in the road and a sign post,

f you take the right, upper road you will go to the car park and if you take the lower fork left you will then get down to the sea. Please take the lower road for now and as you drive down, you with then double back on yourself and turn left at the bottom of that little, down-hill road. You will see some garages on your left.

Drive past those garages and slowly drive as far as you can go. Then you will see the Marina Office. There are two unloading parking bays there. Please park there and leave your luggage in your car and then head over to the office, where you will see a door bell on the side of the door.

Please ring it and Liam or the marina staff will be there to greet you and show you around.

We all hope that you have a wonderful holiday!