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The London Nose

There are so many different angles to view the famous sites of London… impressive every time.
Magnificent and awe-inspiring. Aside from the famous sites, there are some weird ones too….like these…

The London Nose

From Trafalgar Square, if you walk through the right-hand side of Admiralty Arch towards The Mall. On the left-hand wall, you will see a small protrusion. This is the London Nose. Apparently, it’s a spare in case Nelson’s one falls off!!

The Smallest Police Station in the World

When you visit Trafalgar Square…take a look and you will see the smallest police station in London…and perhaps even the world. It was cleverly built into a lamp post, this tiny cubby was just big enough for one policeman and was designed as a way of keeping an eye on demonstrations in the square.

A City steeped in history and places to discover is waiting for you.