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Thinking of hiring a car?

Driving here in Malta is a little mad, a bit like bumper cars with not many rules. If you would like to see a typical review of a guest’s stay in Malta and their opinion about whether to hire a car please click here. So when you cross the road you must be very very sure that there is no car coming and at the zebra crossings you absolutely must wait until the car has stopped before walking out.

Having said that I love driving here because it is so fun and mad. So it depends how brave you are.

Finding the apartment from the airport will be super tricky even though your apartment is in a very central place. For this reason I suggest having someone pick you up from the airport and helping you gain access to it is really essential.

You really do not need to hire a car for the first few days because if you walk a minute or so down the road you will find buses that go everywhere around the island and you can get a bus pass that will also take you to all the tourist places. You also just need to walk 5 minutes down the road to get on the ferry to Valletta, which would be a very pleasant one day of sightseeing. There are also many nice walks from the apartment to lots of excellent shops and restaurants. For swimming in a safe designated clean sea water pool…well you just have the cross the road and walk for a few minutes.

So what would I do? I recommend that you come over, have a safe, easy and comfortable airport transfer with someone who I trust and who will give you access to your apartment. Then on your first day perhaps go to Valletta and see what you want to enjoy on foot and by bus and then if you still want to rent a car for a few days after that it would be easy. I think that is what i would do, I think you would find it more convenient and you would save some money that way too. However, you may have some other ideas and feel the need for a car anyway. So you decide and if you would like to hire a car I have someone who will rent you a reliable, inexpensive one.

Please just send me an email at pam@your-home-from-home.com if you would like to hire a car.

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