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How To Find Your Apartment.

Flat 5 and Flat 6 Dolphin Court
SLM 3012

This is what you are looking for. The large arched glass door with dark grey marble steps leading to a hallway with light grey marble flooring. The apartment block is just next door to the Captain Morgan office so it is easy to locate.

To see the google maps route from the airport, please click here and if you are coming from a different location you can add in a different address to get your directions.

As you come in to Sliema please call Freda the housekeeper to ensure she is there waiting for you. Her tel no is 00356 7703 2525.

If you ask anyone for the Fortina Hotel, Sliema they will direct you there. In front of the Hotel there is a zebra crossing.

From the zebra crossing you will see where people are double parked. You may find a space to park on the road somewhere there or you will see a car parking spot. You will see The Captain Morgan Office and a little further down you will see The Drop Inn Pub and people sitting outside.

So just next door to the Captain Morgan Office is Dolphin Court. There is no sign on the door. There are the dark grey marble steps leading to a glass door and a large hall with light grey, marble floor.

May I suggest you take out your bags and one of you stays with them. The other can now go and find parking either on the road or in the car park.

The person with the luggage now needs to press the buzzer for no. 5 or no 6 and Freda will let you in. The code to get in through the glass door in the hall is 1379#

If you now need to park your car, you will either find parking along the road or you might want to go to the car park which is just a minute or so away in Tigne Point. As you drive towards the Fortina Hotel and pass over the zebra crossing you will see a fork in the road. The right hand fork goes down into the tunnel and the left hand fork will take you into the car park.


You need my parking card to enter the car park, for it to work on when you exit the car park. So, one of you can go upstairs with some luggage and pick up my parking card.

Please note that my parking card is worth 1,000 Euros and it is really only for personal use, so I shouldn’t really be lending it out. So if you could look after it and follow the instructions on how to use it I would be extremely grateful. You will have to ‘swipe’ the card over a box , rather than have to put the card in anything to make the barrier go up so that you can exit the car park.

Please click here to print up this page and please also look at and then print up the instructions on how to use the parking card that you will find here.

Thank You. Have a wonderful holiday.