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parkingcardThis is your parking card for Tigne Point parking, you will find the parking as you turn left when you come out of the apartment. You will have a 4 minute walk to the Tigne Point shopping with free parking for you.

You would be putting the free parking card against the square metal box that you will see next to the ticket machine. Please see all the photos below and study how to use my card. It would really be good if you manage to use the card without having to ask anyone for help.

This is how you would enter and exit the parking ….


As you enter or exit the car park you will see a barrier. For the barrier to go up you need to place the card against the square pad. Please look closely at where the square pad is in relation to the barrier…

also please look at the way the card is being held…so the front of the card, which is blue, is held against the square pad.

parkingcardThe barrier will then raise for you. You would be doing the same to enter the car park.




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