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Four Special Walks To Enjoy, 8 – 11 mins from your caravan…..enjoy a picnic or relax with a book or explore the coastal paths and the Geo Park!

Walk No 1

1. This is what you will see on the way to the walks with the great views from where it is marked with an arrow on the map above…..


3.You can either keep walking straight ahead for some great views or you can go down the the track and go right…

4. Go down and right to come to this bench (or keep walking along the coastal path to get to Man Sands Beach – there is a climb down / up so you may want to be fit to do it).

Click here to see when the tide is out so that you have a bigger beach to play on.

5.Or if you had kept walking straight you would be seeing these views…..


Walk No 2

1. When you get to the arrow on the map you will be walking along the avenue of trees…

2.…walk through the avenue of trees and down the path at the end….

3. ,as you come down the path you will reach the road….you need to go right and continue along the road

4. ….you need to go right and continue along the road

5. ..you will come to a fork in the road and you go left down the track.

6…this is the sign you will see in the fork of the road and the path

7.you will go past a bench…

8.you will see a wooden statue and then some steps going down to the beach and

Click here to see when the tide is out so that you have a bigger beach to play on.


Walk No 3

If you continue on the high coastal path and go past St Mary’s Beach you will arrive at the Geo Park . There are only 7 in the UK and 140 in the whole World, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty according to UNESCO. You can take a picnic or eat at this restaurant perhaps

‘The Guardhouse Café’ – situated on Berryhead, it probably has the most dramatic setting of any eatery in the country, great for a walk-by-snack en route to the lighthouse or the south west coastal path.
01803 855778

And these are the kind of images you will see…….

Walk No 4

If you continue on the coastal path after the Geo Park you will find a path that leads to the town of Brixham. There you will find the marina and the harbour, lots of beautiful shops and great cafes and nice eateries. You can the retrace your steps to come home or get a taxi and that will cost you £5 from Brixham to your caravan.

This is Brixham…